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Friday, 5 February 2016

Focus on Joy

Hello dear reader. How is your February going so far?

Last month, Robin went in for some serious surgery, so we are spending a lot of time at home, recuperating.

For Christmas, one of my gifts was "The life changing magic of tidying up" by Marie Kondon. I have read it twice, already.

At the moment, Totally Tiffany Spring Organizational Challenge is in week three. With all the time we are at home, and my strong objection to going out(side) if I don't have to. I am getting through the challenges at a good pace.

Last week I sorted through all my patterned paper. In KonMarie fashion, I removed all my paper from the shelves. Dusted the back corners. Then one by one, I held each sheet and asked of myself. Is this a paper I want to scrap with? If it was part of a challenge (CKC kit) would I want to work with it? Does it bring me joy? If I got to the third question, the answer was always no. And now I have over 7" of paper to donate to a school/library/hospital.

Back to January. When we were in the city, Robin was stuck in intermediate care, hooked up to wires and tubes and sleeping a lot. I took myself to Treasured Memories a lovely paper craft store that I rarely get to. It was just the day after my birthday, and at the door, on display, was the store's own monthly kit. I swooned and grabbed it, telling myself it was a birthday present.

I liked the idea that there were part pieces of overlays, and packages of emblies are broken down between several kits. I am beginning to understand why people buy monthly kits. Many a time I have looked at a product with 24 paper clips or wood veneers items and not bought it because that is just too many for me to use. After about the 4 or 5th one getting on a layout, I am bored and tired and want something new. So with a kit, there is only a few of this and a couple of that and a whole lot of current trend items at an approachable price.

Then the February Counterfeit Kit Challenge debuted.


Sooo.....with a nod to Lisa and her kit compiling list. I pulled some of the papers from my new kit. Then added some old papers. A couple of old half used sets of Thickers to use up.A new loopy stamp set. Acrylic paints, to try my hand at forging some of the kits elements.
And all the lovely bits that came with the kit. Tags, tickets, glittered stars and hearts, words. I added some arrow washi, teal and black punched shapes made from scraps, and this is what it looks like:
Overlays on left, Patterned paper in middle, cardstock on right

Thickers, stickers and stamps

Pocket card sheet, gold hearts on vellum and start stickers from store kit.
 Acrylics Washie and Stencil from old stock.

From the store kit. What crow could resisit?

Focus on Joy

So have you ever bought a ready made kit? What did you like about it? or was there any disappointment in it? Let me know about your experience. [edit: And post a link, in comments to your favorite kit company.]

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Friday, 1 January 2016

Round up and Review fpr 2015

Hello friends. Time to report in with completed layouts.

It is a bit embarrassing to say I have 8 counterfeit kits, at my desk.

So I guess my new year's resolution must be to stop running my fingers through all the lovely bits, and start building something with them.

I was in a real stale funk this last while. But I busted thought the brick wall of scrappers block when I found a course at Scrapbook Generation, on using 6x6 paper pads.

And then "BAM!" I was on fire!

 Don't Look Back. This is one of the page kits, I made up last spring. Off cuts of pp, a 12x12 overlay, a pocket card that made me laugh, and some photo copies of old family pictures. Under the overlay, I wrote in the names of the people in each picture.

 Another one of those page kits. I think that is the last of the moustache pictures.

The next few are from my December kit, Good Tidings and they draw from the 6x6 class for their design.

 Sparkle and Shine.  In this case the paper was cut into 1"x3" pieces to make the patchwork, also a 6x6 piece for the title/journal area.

 A Visit With Santa. 2 - 6x6 squares with 6x4 and 4x4 forming the bottom shelf.

Annual Christmas card from my brother. I treated the photo card as a 6x6 and built around it, finishing with a washi border.

The Zombie Plants, used a 6x6 page for the journaling.

Hoar Frost, uses embellis from Good Tidings.

Back to the 6x6 class but now using June's kit Spring Forward for the next three.

I got quotes from Rebecca over Christmas. I just asked her questions and quickly wrote down her answers. Then chose the best for her pages.

 The next two are not from the 6x6 class but both originated from Scrapbook Generation sketches

I am really happy with Home Spa Day as I remembered to use my cuttle bug.

Which Came First is from May kit, Good ol' Days

So that is my November to December completed layouts.
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December Album

The December Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog offered a visit with each of the design team members over two day. The first day, they each showed us their December kit, and the second day they shared what they were doing with it. I was like having a coffee visit every day with a good friend.

Many of them were making December Daily Albums or similar, mini albums. I was so enthralled that I actually made my own! Now, normally I am not a mini album person. I find them hard to store and keep protected from the dust. If I put them in boxes, I forget about them. But I decided to give it a go.

So here is how I made my album:

I started with  a 12x12 pad of double sided patterns from Little Yellow Bicycle. "The Sharon Ann Christmas Magic Collection"

Choose a sheet

Fold up 3" -4", horizontally

Flip it over and fold in half, vertically.

Open up and glue the bottom flap on both sides.

Flip over and glue on bottom and side

You end up with a pocket page. One large pocket in the middle and a shelf pocket on each side.

Then the covers
I used two pages that wouldn't work in the album as the orientation of that pattern/picture, didn't work well with the folding. The cardstock is from packaging, and is about 1/4 larger than the pages.

 This is the outside, front and back.

 Now, because the pages were folded to 6" wide. The covers are over 6" I did not want to use four sheets so the inside of the front and back were completed with a strip of off cut. It adds a nice border. At this point, you might want to run a ink pad over the edges. I forgot to do this but can finish it later.
Then I used my zutter bind-it-all to punch holes and add add the wire spring ring.
And with the die cuts from an 8x8 pad from the same Little Yellow Bicycle line, and my December kit, Good Tidings, I decorated with ribbon, washi, border strips, felt, stickers, pieces of wrapping paper, parts off of pretty envelopes, etc, etc.

 All ready in! A couple of business cards from places I won door prises from, during "Moonlight Madness." which is the Christmas launch in our town.

Now I need to choose photos to print and add in the ephemera I collected all month.

So as far a counterfeiting goes, it used up a lot of paper. So for reduction of old stash, I get an A+.

I like all the pockets, and have a place now for the receipts, seasonal packaging, place cards, and other little paper things that I want to hang on to.  I think I will crop my 4x6 pics to 4x4. And for journaling, I can make tags from the 8x8 paper as it is single sided.

Hope you enjoyed my picture tutorial.
Thanks for stopping by. Double thanks for comments.