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Thursday, 24 November 2016

November Members' Hop

Welcome to my part of the CKCB Members' Blog Hop.
You should have come here from Dawn      http://www.dawnsscrapbookcottage.blogspot.com

The first project I worked on this month was inspired by"Forgeries on the Fourth" It is no crime to create your own version of the trendy, hip products from the inspiration kit using your own stash and ingenuity.  Each month on the fourth we are treated to tutorials from the Master Forgers or links to resources they have found.
Inspired by Lynette, I used punches (Fiskers, CM,Marvy) and off cuts of patterned paper. In no time I whipped up some professional looking mini trees.Trunks were cut free hand. 

Challenge #1 - Yum

"While in Canada, we begin to indulge ourselves in October, November in the US is a month all about food. So your challenge is to scrapbook about a favorite meal—something you had in a fancy restaurant, a meal you love to cook at home, or maybe your favorite weekend breakfast. Show us what you are eating!"

 My layout turned out to be my first ever recipe page. What is more comforting on a crisp fall day than a simmering pot of soup? A good soup begins with a good stock and here's my project ...

Thanks for stopping by and now you should hop over to Julene at
Here is the whole of the hop list. In case you missed the beginning, start at the top.

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Jemma    http://just-jimjams.blogspot.co.uk
Dawn      http://www.dawnsscrapbookcottage.blogspot.com
Sherrie    http://sherriesmuddlepuddle.blogspot.ca
Julene     http://julenebydesign.blogspot.com.au
Tina        http://tinasscrapcorner.blogspot.com
Lisa        http://lisahausmann.blogspot.de

Don't forget to leave me a comment to let me know you were here and happy hopping!"

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Remember November

I love the "Pineapple Express" Warm moist air from the Pacific moving up and over the Prairie Provinces. We have had a week of above average temperatures. Far above average. So far above that new highs were set all over the place, replacing maximum recorded temps from the 1920's.

Unfortunately I did not physically experience much of this glorious extended autumn, ( Are we not allowed to call it Indian Summer anymore? I don't like how political correctness has infiltrated so many of our traditions) as I am indoors all day and by the time we get home it is dark. But the store has lots of windows, so we see the sunshine and the customers come in with happy energy.

 This next week we will return to normal weather patterns which keeps us around the freezing mark. Ho-hum. Grey November.

This months  CKC kit to copy is Cocoa Daisy's City Park

Beginning with the patterned papers, my kit starts as thus:

 The B sides offer this selection:

Then a piece of specialty paper. Vellum with leaf print.
And a handful of off cuts to add variety:
Then I added a Simple Stories Harvest Lane kit.
Nine 12x12 pages offer cut aparts.

And the B sides are MORE cut aparts, except for these four patterns. (wishin' I had duplicates of these papers)
 Now a sheet of boarders from Little Yellow Bicycle.
 Now the sticker sheets from the Simple Stories kit.
 Pockets from Simple Stories.
 Stamps from CTMH and Bo Bunny
 Puffy stickers and three tags.
 Black Thickers to try to use up. Small Golds alphas and a Tupperware stencil.
 Cute piks from a cupcake package.
 All together now. The papers are looking as such:
 And the whole kit as so:
Remember November
It is an embellishment light kit this month. But with fewer techniques, the completion of a layout can be  less time consuming. I missed the epoxy dots when assembling my kit but added them later. The cut aparts will be good for titles and sub titles. 

oooo....close ups!

 Come back in a few days (Thurs Nov 24) for the members' hop, in which I am participating. See you soon!

 Thanks for stopping by. Double thanks for comments.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Growing in Grace

Hello all you scrappy people.  Have you missed me? I know I have missed playing with you, although I did my best to keep up by lurking around the hops when I could.

The last scrappy post I made was the March 2016 kit reveal, Focus on Hope. Shortly after, I learned that the store location of my dreams was coming available. A whole year earlier than expected. So I had to move quickly. Putting the cart before the horse and working 10-12 hour days through the summer, Lolly Pop Thrift Shop is up and running smoothly in downtown Athabasca.

While I did get a bit of scrapping done in March and then dove in again in September, I will save those for another post.

What does a paper addict do when they can't afford the time to play with their passion? Well this addict compensates by shopping for more stash. Throughout July and August I spent many days in the city (Edmonton, Alberta) and worked in pit stops to all the LSSs.  And since I didn't have time to "build" a counterfeit kit each month, I began treating myself to the products of the kits that I found in the stores. Totally counterproductive to the purpose of Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog, I know. I realize bragging rights are off when you "buy" your kit. Oh but the pretties I get to pet!

This month, the kit (revealed on October 1 on the CKC blog) was actually a collection. Indigo Hills  by Pink Fresh Studios. I LOVE IT!! This girl is a sucker, has a weakness, for the watercolour look, I couldn't stop my self. I HAD TO HAVE IT!!! A quick click over to Scrapbook.com and the speedy check out left me heady with delight that my newest inspiration was on it's way to me.

Then on October 2, Lesley brought us "Just the Gist of It " In this monthly post, the kit is simmered down to a reduction of it's basic elements. Lesley also supplied a recipe for creating a quick kit.
Choose your 3 favourite papers
Add in a pack of alphas
Stir in some ephemera or stickers
Break open a set of rubber stamps
And stick it together with a roll of washi tape

So easy! So quick! So here goes!

Three papers

One specialty sheet of velum
A few off cuts and scraps to add some variety
Some boarder strips
Just like in real cooking........I CAN NOT follow a recipe to the letter. Speaking of which......
Alphas to splatter and distress

Partial packs and left over letters to use or lose

Mini alphas include epoxy letters on the right (CTMH)
Add in die cuts and stickers and kit is looking something like this now:
Then a handful of flowers, frames and assorted embellishments.
Stamp addition was a "Happy Place" stamp that whet AWOL while photographing, plus a garden set from CTMH. I have lots of summer flower pictures to work with which is making me lean towards a summery feel.
Then Washi Tape. Some ribbon. A punch. and two "new to me" embossing folders.
Let me introduce you to my first kit in over 6 months, "Growing in Grace."

 Playing with a vignette effect, here are some close ups.

Happy Place stamp showed up again!

And that's a wrap.

Next thing I did was counterfeit one of a papers. Used round punches, a xyron and a bit of patience. Also had to add some more paper scraps to get the colour variety. My colours are more saturated and I like it that way.

Then I worked on making clusters of the tags, stickers, flowers, frames, and die cuts. Resulting in this patch of pretty pickings.

 Each month I fall in love with the new kit, thinking I could never love another as much, and then on the first, I fall head over heals for the new one, all over again. I don't know what to make of that. And now here we are two days before the next kit is revealed. I guess "Growing in Grace" will join the others on the shelf as I start on a new crush. 

And that is my report for scrapping activity in our humble home this month. Thanks for stopping by. Double thanks for comments.

Monday, 10 October 2016

That's the way the tomato tumbles.


Guess what I woke up to this morning?

awe, come on......at least one guess.

No, besides Sunday breakfast. Pancakes swimming in maple syrup. Eggs o/e, and a couple of rashers of thick bacon. Yes I agree, I am well spoiled.

Here's a hint:

Did you get it? Did you???

Pigs in snow. 

What does this mean? It means an end to outdoor work. Would you like to know how our summer went?  First, the lawn. Too much rain = too much grass. We cut back on the parameters of  previous years but still, it grew so much that we considered turning it into hay. I took to turning the mower on anytime I was driving the tractor. This resulted in criss-cross swathes of various lengths, but I figured at least some bits of grass were not breeding mosquitoes.

With the rather wet June-August. The weeds in the garden also kept ahead of me. It is my goal to keep weeds from going to seed each year, and thus, over time, reduce the weed "seed bank" . This year it looked like the weeds would win. And they did somewhat. But when a good gardening friend moved back to the area, I hired her immediately, and she saved us from total failure.
NE to SW view
 This is Northeast to Southwest view. Post weeding marathon.

Beginning a peony farm

On the west side of garden are three rows of peonies. Thirty plants in each row. Stay tuned for magnificent blooms in a couple of years.  The green tinge on the soil is moss. Usually it only shows up on a low lying spot on garden. This year is seemed the whole garden was growing a carpet.

And then there were the tomato wars. Robin started his plants too early. Didn't provide them optimum moisture and temperature. I started mine two months after his. Babied the seedlings. Results? Robin had MORE tomatoes. Unfortunately they were in fruit development during weeks of too much rain causing many of them to split which caused them to then spoil.
Robin's tomatoes
 And mine? Well, they were much prettier.
Sherrie's tomatoes

By the time they were picked and sorted, with spoiled ones going to the piggys, production was about even.  So Robin gets a first place for overall volume. And I get a ribbon for bench show worthy beauties. That's the way the tomato tumbles.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Focus on Hope

March. Maddening March!  The edge of season's change. Longer days. Snow recedes. Flies wake up and buzz in the windows. Boots get muddy. Robin and I are both more irritable than normal. Plans are made for "this year." This year, we will have chickens (and eggs presumably) This year we will raise our own pork. This year we will clean up the entrance to the yard and make it more welcoming. This year the old tractor will get fixed. This year the garden will be kept weed free. This year the lawn mowing will not get ahead of us...........hahahahaha. So much ambition. Nothing to do but wait until it warms up and dries up. March is all about hope.
Meanwhile we have both taken a step towards spring. Robin planted some tomato seeds. He is not an expert at it and has been told by someone that is that it is almost a worthless endeavor. "House grown seedlings are leggy and weak." "Just wait until May and you can get a dozen healthy plants for less than you are spending on seed, soil, tray and cover. "
He has a few sprouts. I tried to encourage him by showing him how they can be at a cool window for more light in the day time but want to be covered and sitting away from cold window at night. He is choosing to grow them...his way.
So what's a wife to do, other than step-up and start her own tomatoes? Beginning with a three year old seed package. (My dh is kind of  obstinate about "fresh" seeds). Grabbed a seedling container from last year, a cup or so of the seedling soil and a plastic veggie bag; they are currently sitting in a south (warm) window until they come up. Then they will have to be moved to an optimum spot several times a day, until they have true leaves, at which time they'll be transplanted into individual pots.
Having acquired three little "grow your own tree" kits, we have decided to give them a go. One kit was American Elm, the other two are mystery trees. I am really excited to see if anything comes of these.
You will laugh at with me when I tell you that instead of growing everything I can get my hands on, as we did at the last garden, it is now my goal to focus only on peonies and trees. And on a wildflower garden. And on heritage perennials. And.....and....and......

 The Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog threw us a wonderful curve ball this month. The kit to copy has no patterned paper in it. NONE! 

 It is a "click" story kit by Ali Edwards.
As a traditional scrapper, I wondered what our mentors thought we were supposed to do with this? Scrapbook without paper? As usual the Master Forger's Blog Hop, gave ample ideas in several directions. I chose to embrace the pocket card aspect and pulled from my one Project Live collection, Some CTMH pocket cards I haven't even opened, and a bunch of pocket cards I made in 2014. Back then, when I got to the end of a kit, I would cut down left over pp, into 4x6 and 3x4 and clip the corners. It was my method to "kill the kit" (embellies were returned to the stash) This might be an idea I need to revisit soon. Or I will be singing "Ninety-nine counterfeit kits on the wall. Ninety-nine counterfeit kits!" to the tune of 99 Bottles of Beer.  Ok, I am only at ten kits on the wall, so not that bad.

As a way to incorporate lots of these cards into layouts, I will be drawing on design ideas from Scrapbook Generation. I have one sketch idea book of theirs that shows multiple photos on two-page layouts. Looking at the sketches it is easy to consider substituting cards for the photos. Also I have an on-line course of theirs, with advice for using 6x6 paper. My first layout, I cut up 6x6 sheet into strips to create 12" strips. I have the story down. I have yet to take the picture. Also I want to add a fox embellishments (perhaps a stamp) before completion but I share it here to give you the idea of the direction I will go with this. 
But what's in the kit, you ask?
Sorry, I got ahead of myself. This month's kit has all the loopy words I could gather. The stash had a real shortage of that clover leaf green. The one pennant with ribbon was spot on.  I will try to add it in more with ink/stamps.  I will choose from my 6x6 pads as the need arises.
 Rub-ons, a new Sizzex (from LSS closing in Edmonton, boo-hoo) My grey letters like the blue ones were camera shy and hid on me when I was working on these photos.

 Heidi Swapp stencils offer more opportunities for loopy words.
 The little bread pan, holds the many pocket cards I have to work with this month. The punch is to weave ribbon through.
And there you have it. March's kit: Focus on Hope. Thanks for stopping by. Double thanks for comments.