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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Round up and Review, Good ol' Days

While February IS the shortest month of the year, May feels like it is the shortest. May! May!! Marvelous May!!! You are the month we wait eight months for. You bring spring with renewed growth. The birds return. And best of all, we can go outside without a coat. Sometimes. It has been an on again, off again Spring for us. Never the less, seeds are planted, bedding plants are hardened off.

Ah, how I love May. Except perhaps, for how I find the outdoor life, cuts into my ever dwindling creative hours. This month, I completed only three layouts. None of them are about the old farmstead that inspired my kit. However, I have taken lots of photos of the buildings at different times of day, including the two golden hours (just after sunrise and just before sunset) It is my intention to visit my childhood piano teacher, who lived here for all her married life, and get some insight into the history of this place.

 The first layout was inspired by a collection of three plastic hangers. They were in my hand, one day at work. The colour combination was so remarkable, so of course, I remarked about it. They ended up coming home and hanging (snirk) around my desk for about half a year. Last month's kit took care of lots of pictures that had been gifted to me from the "to scrap" stack, however, this birth announcement didn't work with the Messy Box style. One month later, the kit, the colour inspiration and the photo all came together in a synergistic symphony. The last addition of the bingo card with baby's birth month in robin's egg blue took the page to exceptional. And that "27" in the middle of the card (baby's birth date) is serendipitous perfection. I will stamp it with a circle outline to highlight it and call done.

I dove head first into the kit for layout #2. Have been doing a layout on Robin pretty well each month. The past 10 months have been hard for him. He can no longer work in his trade. Reestablishing your personal identity, outside of your work,is daunting at best. As Robin works through this part of his life's journey, making a layout each month, just for him, is the best way I know of to show him that he continues to be appreciated and admired.

 It started by choosing the cardstock. My over sized collection of cardstock lives in here:
Except for shades and tints that have only one or two sheets left. They are in the work station, and are in "go to first" status. So in considering a one page layout, I tried the photo on each colour in the "last sheet" pile. It is fascinating to me to observe how the different colours and shades effect the character of the photo. I settled on a dusty turquoise. The contrast made the photo pop. Then I splated black reinker, followed by some grey Mister Huey. I played with the burlap alphas, trying out several titles, finally landing on the one used. How many alpha saves can you spot? Layered the photo on inked doily, scrap of vintage shopping bag and a page from a Second World War rations book. The "Meat" page, of course! Since these items are not scrapbook safe, I placed a layer of "acceptable" paper under the photo to protect it from direct contact with the contraband. The second bingo card from the kit seemed a natural on this layout as a reminder for the when the photo was taken.  The "A is for" stickers were mounted on patterned paper and trimmed out. 7 Gypsies tape was laid down for the left border and the right one is off the echo park boarder sheet in my add-on kit. Later I was rummaging in the stash for another project when the rub-on chicks surfaced and jumped right onto the page. Layout finito.

Layout three came together so quickly, I almost missed it's process! The photo led to the paper, which was too flimsy without cardstock, but I didn't want a solid coloured boarder. So the red lace paper moved into place. After the layering of bits under the photo, the title fell into place. Then I used kit items for the embellies that surround the photo. The Kiss the Cook clip art was in a book of titles. So here I have a layout almost done in under half an hour. I asked myself, what is this page about? And the journaling came to me. Done but not satisfied. Normally I spend 2 hours or more on a layout. A quick and easy one does not take me to that scrapping zen zone that makes this hobby irresistible to me. I left it and came back to it the next day. Looking at the other two layouts, I realized how much I liked having the punch of black from the paper doily on each of them. Grabbed another doily. Added some ink. Lifted the title and layered it up. Yup. That was the bit of inspiration I needed to get my jollies. 

May's kit, Good ol' days has lots of life left in it. It now joins my growing collection of part used kits.

I also finished a layout started a while back. It draws from three kits. January technique, piercing and stitching on title. February, small alpha stickers. March, washi tape and photo frame and patterned paper. Also the layout inspiration "Borders" was from March. As January's Good Intentions was morphed into the Feb kit, the only aspect left of it was the piercing technique and that has now been featured. So January is officially done. I still have February's kit, One Good Turn, and March's kit, Good Heavens relatively intact, with a few more projects in mind before they can be morphed or dismantled.

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Good ol' Days CKC 0515

Can you say "delighted"? Every month end as I anticipate the reveal on the next CKCB kit to copy, I always wonder (and ask if I have the chance) if there will be green in it. Hurrah! This month the kit features REAL GREEN! I was looking at the kit, on screen, then looked out the window and realized the colour was spring grass green.
The view of the barn, and the green grass poking up in places over the dead, yellow grass certainly got me in the mood to capture some stories about this wonderful old farm. And this is the kit to do it with.

The kit to copy is from Jenny Bowlin. No wait, it is from Counterfiet Kit Club, as we are copying the first kit CKC revealed back in 2011. Check out the original post details here. 
 And the challenge to copy ourselves is here.  
The JBS kit looks like this:
Jenny Bowlin Studios; Mercantile
My papers look like this:
 I had so many great papers to choose from for the theme, and I usually use neutral card stock these days so in place of coloured card stock, I chose patterned paper.
Reminisce, Farm Life, The Barn. <take special note of this one. It sets the mood for the month.
Green with small cross hatch, (muk)
Close to My Heart, Notebook
K&Company, Brenda Walton, Brianna Large Dots Flat Paper
DCWV, Vintage Collage Stack
Basic Grey, Laser cut paper, Doilies
Pink Paislee, Pretty Lace <exact match to original kit. Fun Fact: this paper is printed with soy inks.
Basic Grey, Porcelain, Dresden
Red and Cream lace, I am pretty sure this is a Jenny Bowlin paper.

Then I added the "stuff"
Bingo Cards: Simple Stories, Year.o.graphy
Daisies: K&CO, Wild Saffron, Grand Adheskons
Lables: Prima, The Goods, is for stickers
White flower, EK Success, Jolee's Boutique
Cream and brown flower, muk

accidentally missing from this photo is CTMH waxy flax in yellow, and two antique stick pins. The waxy flax got it's self stuck to something else and I didn't notice it missing from the final picture until posting. 

 Black doilies are white with the addition of ink.
 Add on Kit: 
And mine:
 PP in place of cardstock again.
Green hex, and boarders are sides A and B of Echo park, For the record by Bella Road.
Embossed Cream, Core dinations with Jenny Bowlin. Red Soda Label, Jenni Bowlin Studio.

Stuff: Big red buttons, Gramma's button box.
Felt flowers, Basic Grey, Oliver, Bloomers.
Foundry Numbers, CTMH.
Paper tape : 7 gypsies, postale.
Vintage bits, bottom right, Graphic 45, Commuique Collection, Typography.
Brown paper bag from gift shop with vintage ads on it.
Random die cuts and journaling spots from stash.
Dictionary sheet, Glitz
Crowning vintage find: A world war II Canadian Rations book.

Found in a boutique scrapbook store in Edmonton. What made them extra cool is that they were from Boyle, which is a town in the county, in which I live. Also the surnames on them were familiar to me. Ok they are not just cool or extra cool, they are SUPER cool!

Finally the Magpie Kit:
JBS Magpie Kit

 This kit reminds me of Rose Mille Studio's cachette collections. Beautiful to inspect on line but not in my budget.
I struggled somewhat to put mine together. Sometime you have to give up on on piece by piece comparisons and just try for the "feel" of the kit.

I like the monochromatic trend that is surfacing. Hard to follow it to the letter when you LOVE colour.
The large frame is an unused marriage certificate. I fussy cut out the middle part which had one signature on it. Perhaps someone changed their mind?
Gold dresden frame will be constructed out of fussy cut bits from a gold paper doley.
Washi tape in place of satin ribbon.
Assorted pearlized buttons.
Spool labels were from a freebie print out for a kit a couple of years back. These, I gotta use or loose.
The stamps are genuine. From France, no less. I ordered a t-shirt for the grand kids from Poisson Rouge. If you have preschoolers in your life. You will want to check out  "Red Fish Soup"   
Sheep die cut, in place of the rabbit.
Vintage paper doily. Very intricate, and of higher quality than the ones currently available.
Journal spot on top left, 29th Street Market, Spirit Sisters, Foliage.

And that is my take on this month's kit(s)  Or is that on a 2011's kit? Oh I almost forgot. These are the Alphas I am focusing on using:
Rusty Pickle Moulin Black and White
Fancy Pants, Its' the little things.
Dream Street, Tea for Two.
Thickers, Hello, Burlap letter stickers. They smell so good. Like potato sacks under the August sun.

And once more, my inspiration photo for this month:
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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Round up, Good Friends, CKC 0415

Quickly now, as I don't have much time. Scheduled to be at a trade show in 89 minutes. In an effort to squeeze 36 hours into each day, I try to work using the 80/20 rule and not sweat the minor imperfections in my work. Typos be darned!!

Aprils Kit to copy was messy box by my messy life.

Messy Box
 My version, Good Friends has many (for me) counterfeit parts to it.
Good Friends 
The "Today is a Gift" overlay did not get onto a layout but I am enoying it on my bulletin board.

Lots of "messy" work on ^this^ one. I bought soft pastels because I couldn't find Gelatos last month to add to kit. Then when I finally found Gelatos, they gave me sticker shock! The package of 24 soft pastels cost about the same as one Gelato, and the G's didn't come in the colours I was looking for.

Any ways, I smudged blue and pink pastels on the background paper. Then dropped black re-inker, and then a couple of spritzes of Mr. Huey in pinstripe. It is the first use of my first Mr.Huey. I really like it!

|Anyways, note to messy box creators. If you don't have to wash your hands and clean your desk top, after, it is not being messy.

Barely can be considered a kit page. The only kit items used were Heidi Swapp stickers.
Reads: Have you seen this man? Wanted in more than three counties for his quick wit and gentle charm. Loved by dogs and children everywhere. Legendary for his ability to fix that which is broken, ("(fla) mingo") build winning parade entries (with duct tape and binder twine) and leave his DNA signature on every project. If you haven't seen him, you should! He is amazing.

And the last layout that "killed the kit"
I was very please with the youthful quality of this kit. It contributed to getting most of the photos, gifted from friends and family into albums.

And now I have 50 minutes to get myself presentable and show and tell Thirty-One Gifts at the trade show in Athabasca. Nice to squeeze in a little visit with you.

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Monday, 4 May 2015

Recap, Lazy Hazy Days. CKC 0814

It has probably got by you all, my gentle readers, that I have not made a review post of the August 2014 kit "Lazy Hazy Days" I had started back into the work force last August and of course the scrapping routine was the first casualty in the lessening of leisure time. But it nags at me that a reveal without a round-up is remiss. So today, I wish to rectify my failed responsibility.

You will recall our inspiration kit, Studio Calico, Penny Arcade.
My copy-cat kit was revealed here.
And the resulting layouts are:

oops, not that one. Chuckie is such a ham.

Found on Facebook. An assortment of pictures of my long-distance grandson.

Our Q-T Pie
Baby pictures I took of same grandson when he lived with me. (sigh)

Next, four layouts about Rebecca.

Then a compendium on Kit Kat and her Last Litter, the Fabulous Four. These one page layouts will be back to back in my pets album, with the over sized tag page held between. The rose will peek out as a pull tab.

 "Of course she is fixed!"
I was assured by my mother, when she moved to Athabasca in the spring of 2008, that the cat she was leaving in my care (Kit Kat) was spayed. Weren't we surprised the next spring when she delivered four balls of fluff.
Kit Kat was ornery and unpredictable. She would just as soon swat you as let you pet her. She was trying to hide the kittens so they wouldn't have contact with people. I did not want them to grow up untamed and fearful of folks so after the second game of hide-and-seek, I closed them up in the bathroom. Daily contact with the fluff balls resulted in a quartet of cute cuddly kittens.
At two months they were all relocated to the Griffin farm. Alas, they escaped before they had recognized that this was their new home. Kit Kat got her way and isolated them from human contact. But we fear she did not or could not protect them from the wildlife in the area. We never saw them again.

Be happy together.

Eyes on the Skies
Journaling added after photo was taken.
I don't really understand my compulsion to take pictures of clouds, sunrises and sunsets. The captured image never serves justice to the original. Also I don't know why I end up creating layouts for so many of these moments. Suffice to say, it gives me joy.

Goodbye, home sweet home.

Great White North
Journaling was added after photo was taken.
I really love to read stories about women in the north. One day I plan to go "there" and have my own adventure.

There now. I feel so much better.I can continue scrapping and blogging about same without the nagging voice in my head.

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