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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Is It Spring Yet?

April in this area gives hints as to the approaching gardening season. The odd day of double digits makes you forget to grab your coat when you leave. Bit it is still winter here in northern Alberta. And it will be for another two to three weeks. So there is still time for scrappy play before the gardening season pulls me outside for my other passion.

The March the Counterfeit Kit Challenge did not tickle my fancy. It was predominately red and yellow. Do you recall that we built a red, yellow and black kit in July of last year? Something about that combination is a block for me. The kit remains untouched. Since it was assembled with a particular story in mind, it will stay intact until I get around to that one. But please, don't hold your breath.

So knowing that the colour combo will not move the mojo, and longing for something with a breath of spring, a friend sent a link to Scrapbook and Cards Today. Their spring kit looks like this.


My mimicry kit did not get photographed as I pulled it together quickly before a weekend away that offered time to scrap in a hotel room.  But the layouts that came from it where just what I needed to work with . Most are from the first day of Becky-boo's life. One from a scrap retreat weekend. Funny how I love to scrap about scrapping.

There will probably be more from the kit, in time. But as I move into the "non-scrapping season"  I expect there to be a lull if not a total break.

Here are the resulting layouts from "Is It Spring Yet"

  I have been relying on Scrapbook Generation for layout inspiration since a friend recommend the site last summer. Especially useful for two page layouts that use a lot of photos. 

Then for the dear friend that says I need to put things on angles more often. A couple with her in mind.

  White cardstock and paper doily. Pristine and baby fresh. This is where I used the stamp set to make the green flowers and leaves. Out of the comfort zone, but I had fun doing it.

Finally a few photos from a weekend at The Blooming Inn, in Pincher Creek, Alberta.

Hope you enjoyed viewing these. Thanks for dropping by. Double thanks for comments.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Muddle Puddle Muse

Greetings and Salutations. And how are you this fine day?

Things at Muddle Puddle Hollow are whipping into a frenetic crescendo. We are getting ready to move. Literally and figuratively. Through the months of  April and May our household and garden will be moving to an 80 year old farm through. That is nearly ancient in this part of the world. It will have a real barn and outbuildings and mature trees. Well in fact it has trees so mature they are all dead, but that's for another post. As the new location is less than two miles away, it will be a long move with many trips using my mini van. We will be living in two locations for the next six to eight weeks.

The scope of the challenge this new home presents, to rebuild, refurbish, renew, is on such a scale that it deserves it's own voice and second platform for blogging has been launched under the banner of "Old. Tired. Ugly."

My first foray in bloggy-world, "Muddle Puddle" has evolved from a chatty place to share life's comings and goings, to a platform that showcases my scrapbooking journey. In a way, through the scrapbook layouts, you still get a view of the variety of activities that makes up life in this household. With the addition of the second blog, you can choose to keep up with the hands on nitty gritty(OTU), or skip along through the high points that get showcased in 12x12 format (MP). Or even still, (and I know at least two or three of you love me enough to do this, KP, MW, RB?) you might keep up with both.

So as the spring breezes blow and the last of the snow and ice dissipates from the driveway, why don't you come over for a little visit over a cuppa? I'm putting the pot on now at "Old. Tired. Ugly."

Sunday, 2 March 2014

February Round-Up

A prolific month overall, this round-up  is more than just the Counterfeit Kit, Crush on You.

Eleven layouts were born of this kit. And my surplus of Valentine's stash was almost eliminated. Robin was working away during V-Day so I made this layout to add photos of the belated celebration dinner we enjoyed when he got home.

Because I am not good at card making, I chose instead to create layouts for Robin. He often laments  that I don't scrap "us" enough. That would be because I prefer to chronicle the activities of the grandbabies. Can you blame me? They are cute and adorable, and we are, well, not so cute anymore. I was pleased overall with the layouts that feature my main man. I think he was too. They can all be viewed in flikr. Use tab at top of page for photostream or click here for the set.

During a mid-month crop day, 3 year old Rebecca learned to use Marvy punches. Their large lever handle makes them easy to use with little hands. This turned out to be a great way to get rid of small scraps.

Then she got interested in making a layout. We ran some of her punched shapes through the xyron. And the carousel sticker was another "crafty" item she put together. A few random photos and a a little help from gramma, and this was her first layout.
When the next day, (after sleepover at gramma's) we had to make another layout. I knew for sure, a scrapper was born. She recognized the people in these photos but wondered where she was. I answered, "You were just a twinkle in your daddy's eye."  which seemed to delight her, as she kept saying "twinkle in my daddy's eye" the rest of the day. More of her punched shapes, and lots of stickers, placed just so, made sure the second layout had her mark on it.

Being very good at accumulating tools and product that then languish in the cupboard, I challenged myself to use my cricut this month. Cracked open the Close To My Heart, Artbooking cartridge and made two Valentine's Day layouts. One is done. The second will need photos and more swag, of course.

And a bunch of Pet Pages were built, using Max and Whiskers from Basic Grey, plus extra papers and swag from the stash. Five 2 page layouts and 1 single for a total of 6. Again, they are all uploaded to fliker, if you care to see more unbelievable furry cuteness.

And all this was accomplished along side much television viewing of the Sochi Olympics. I am quite proud of my month long marathon. Now how do we get scrapping introduced as a demonstration sport?

Thanks for stopping by. Double thanks for comments.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Crush On You

The first of February heralds the beginning of a new month which means a new kit to copy at Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  It is also the beginning of the Layout A Day Challenge (LOAD) which I like to sort of be involved in. I'll scrap along side my fine crafty friends, sans the daily prompts and admire and comment on their posts in Flikr.

Being the "romantic" month, I was delighted to see the inspiration kits from Kits De Somni. Sequins and paper doilies. Hearts and lost of feminine pink. This is the one I chose to copy.

 I took the Spanish text into Google translate to help me decipher the items. A couple of them didn't have English translations. So I just had to wing it. We scrappers are good at that.

The majority of the items are by Fancy Pants Designs, and while I did not have a single exact match, I had fun shopping my stash for papers with the same colour intensity or mood.

Top Row, left to right:
Fancy Pants, Hopscotch, 12x12 pad for the first two.
Dream Street, Act Naturally, Embody.
Pink, manufacturer unknown (muk).
dude designs, dude-lings, dude-ling yellow.
Theresa Collins, Everyday Moments, Blue scroll, side B.
Bottom Row:
fontwerks, the write line, statement.
Bold mustard stripe, muk, in place of multi coloured triangle pattern. No such shapes in my stash.
Fancy Pants, Hopscotch, 12x12 pad, with glitter. This one will be used to create my version of thier focal point paper.

Pebbles Inc., P.etc., Sassy Girl Circle.
Multi stripe, muk.
Distressed grey, muk.
Mustard dot, My Mind's Eye, Lost & Found two, Sunshine, 6x6 Designer Pad.
Grey wood, My Mind's Eye, On the Bright Side two, 6x6 Designer Pad.

Then some alphas. I choose two part used sets of American Craft, Thickers and Creative Memories, Nancy O'Dell, Hummingbird.
Since I won't have to make any apologies this month if I use too many paper doilies, I pulled in a series I cut on the cricut, last year, and an assortment of store bought ones.
For the wood veneer, two lovely birdies flew into the mix. I think they are Kaiser Craft.
For tags, the Valentine's day stash was ransacked. Some of these are five years, or more,in my supplies. They'll play nice with the American Crafts ribbon.
For die-cuts, I added one new package of Basic Grey die-cut shapes. There is no name on the package but they have a Valentine's vibe.
And then I also added lots of part packs and left over lovelies to bust through my old V-day stash.
Two part sheets of Creative Imaginations stickers by Marah Johnson.
Random assortment from many different sources.
 Border strips by Harmonie. Labels by Pebbles Inc, Real Life. Stickers by Bo Bunny, a gift of love, All Because 2 people. Bo Bunny, Love Letters, dimensional stickers. Tabs and ribbon, muk.
 Basic Grey, True Love, Snippets, and dimensional stickers, I think from MME.
My kit does not include tickets, mini envelopes or stamps. In place of these items I added bits of bling and epoxy. They will help the sequins, sing!
The name for this kit came from the remnants of a CD case. Here I go with my inspiration from packaging, again.

And all together it looks like this!

The intention is to have luscious layers, bountiful bling and carefree clusters on layouts that are ostensibly over the top. Besides my own designs, the Close To My Heart, Art Booking, Cricut cartridge will show us what it can do. I can tell already, I am going to need more paper, soon. Really soon.

Thanks for dropping by. Double thanks for comments.

Friday, 24 January 2014

All Is Bright Round-Up

The January Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit, All Is Bright was a delight to work with as I quickly built layouts and happily captured some of my memories from Christmas 2009. This was the first Christmas that Robin and I spent together. Only five years ago, yet I look at the photos and think, "we looked so much younger then." Well there is no stopping time, but there is the capturing of memories, and that, my dear friend, is what scrapbooking is mostly about.

The kit as it was at the start:

And the layouts that resulted:

This one incorporated a bit of inspiration from some packaging. Like the dog food bag in the previous post, sometimes I get obsessed with the oddest of items. 

A new concept for me. Differing shades of cardstock in a two page layout. The jury is still out on whether this was successful or not.
 Then for a change of pace, how about a tour of my first studio? 

I still had paper and embellies but the rest of the photos for Christmas 2009 are very yellow and clashed with the kit. Christmas 2010 through 2012 have been completed and I have yet to print photos for Christmas 2013, so I just carried on without.

And then I took the last remnants and made lasagna paper.
I call it lasagna paper because the first time I did this with the final bits of a kit, it ended up being used to showcase the story about a pan of lasagna. I don't know what story this one will be used to tell, but there is lots of room in the patterned paper collection for it to sit for awhile.

And that concludes the January kit, All Is Bright. Seven completed layouts. Two waiting for photos, titles and journaling. Plus three from December that need photos and journaling. And one piece of patterned paper that needs to find it's calling. That will bring the total to 13 when they are all put to bed.

With a week now until the next kit reveal, I am working on two large projects. One is a total revamp of my storage system. The other is scrapping a trip to Vegas that was taken in 2009. Reorganizing is something I like to do just about as much as I like scrapping. Either way, you get to play with all the little pretties.

Thanks for stopping by. Double thanks for comments.